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Zinus Becky Farmhouse Wood Dining Table / Table Only
Zinus Becky Farmhouse Wood Dining Table / Table Only

Zinus Becky Farmhouse Wood Dining Table / Table Only

1944 Reviews
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With painted legs and base and neutral wood tone surface the Zinus farmhouse dining table will add country style character to your kitchen. Easy to assemble in minutes with sturdy wood con...
product dimensions
28"d x 45"w x 29"h
item weight
32 pounds
frame material

Featured Reviews

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1944 Reviews
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8/8 recommendations
Featured 8 Reviews
Just some guy, you know?
I reached a point in my life when I promised myself no more particleboard furniture. With that one, simple limitation, finding an affordable desk for my new home office has been nearly impossible to find - used, new, online, or IRL.Supply chain problems and the prevalence of work from home during the pando seemed to stymie me at every turn. Then I stumbled upon this table.Based on the photos, description, price, and reviews, it seemed like maybe, just maybe this particular table could be the right solution to my solid-wood, home-office problems.But I was hesitant. I’ve been burned by online, too-good-to-be-true promises of products that failed me in the end. How could I be sure this one wasn’t just another in a long line of my life’s disappointments.Then I noticed it. The name of the company. Zinus. It rung a bell, but I couldn’t quite call from the depths of my age-ravaged mind where I had seen that name before.Was it a dream? Was it an allergy medicine that had been outlawed in the mid ‘70s?I had to sleep on it. Sleep. Sleep … THAT WAS IT!Zinus was the name of the bed frame that I bought long ago and slept contentedly on for years, until I had to have my spouse arrested and thrown out of my house and my life. The bed went, too. So many ghosts.But then I found a new bed frame (queen this time) and a mattress from Zinus. A beautiful bed frame that was easy to assemble with minimum effort, a lackluster toolbox, and very little mechanical ability on my part. I also have a Zinus mattress. It’s firm. But not too firm. It’s not like sleeping on a rock, but it is like sleeping on a rock wrapped in love and smooshy stuffy and the knowledge that that man will never darken my doorstep again.Anyway, with all that in mind I ordered the table. I thought, what the heck, Zinus hasn’t done me wrong yet.The table came today - impeccably packed, and smelling of Lemon Pledge, but not in a gross way.Even I, with my aforementioned limitations, was able to assemble the table in about 15 minutes. They even included a snazzy little ratchet tool (the good kind of ratchet) to help put it together.It’s as solid as my conviction to stay single for the rest of my life, and just the perfect size for the space it needed to fill - in my room and in my heart.So, yeah, it’s a good table. Would recommend.My only warning is that the color is more ‘mocha frappuccino’ than ‘espresso’. And I should know, I live in the greater Seattle area - the birthplace of Starbucks!But that’s a quibble.Read more
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Zinus Becky Farmhouse Wood Dining Table / Table Only review
Very sturdy and perfect for small apartment. I got this for my friend's birthday and she is in a wheelchair which she can easily pull up to table now .
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It is the perfect size for my sewing table. It says it's used but the only evidence I found was a small knick on one of the corners. You can feel it more than see it.
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Zinus Becky Farmhouse Wood Dining Table / Table Only review
Debbie Marcum
I love it, just the right color and it fits in my space exactly. Just what I needed for my small dining space.
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Amazon Customer
We bought this for dad who recently moved into a retirement home. Works perfectly for reading his morning paper and eating a snack. Looks great and seems sturdy.
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Zinus Becky Farmhouse Wood Dining Table / Table Only review
Jessica Cooley
Works great as a desk for a small space. Easy to assemble and looks nice!
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Zinus Becky Farmhouse Wood Dining Table / Table Only review
wendy sullivan
Sturdy, easy to put together, looks nice.
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Hungry in Bryn Mawr
This is a pretty table and was easy to assemble. It’s quite sturdy. I gave it four stars because it has decorative grooves on the tabletop that I’m pretty sure over time will be very difficult to clean.
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Questions & Answers

Would a wheelchair fit under the table?
I don't know. It's 26 inches high from floor to bottom of table lip. Width wise I think a wheel chair would fit on the longer side.
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Can anyone tell me how tall it is from floor to lip of table? We wanna see if our dog kennel would go under it?
25 3/4.
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Can you get the table wet?
We do not recommend using this table outside, where is can be exposed to a lot moisture/water. If there is an accidental spill or the table get wet, it can easily be wiped dry.
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Is the top real wood, could I whitewash or distress it?
I think it is real wood, but judging from the texture of the finish, I would worry about whitewashing or distressing it, or altering it in some way, but I’ve never tried to distress something before.
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