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The Escape Dressing Chest
The Escape Dressing Chest

The Escape Dressing Chest

MERCHANT: Houzz BRAND: Coastal Living by Universal Furniture
5711 Reviews
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A plank-style center door is neatly framed by ten spacious drawers in the Escape Dressing Chest, a maximum storage solution with playful ring pulls and a smooth Sandbar finish.
Manufactured By
Coastal Living by Universal Furniture
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W 56" / D 20" / H 46" / 263 lb.
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Furniture with a coastal design mainly incorporates natural elements from coastlines and scenic beaches, which mainly comprises of rattan, linen fabric, and natural wood. A good example of coastal furniture include coastal dressers and chests, which are said to have an aesthetic that has a light color palette with shades of blue and white, that tend to mimic the crashing waves of the ocean. A costal dresser or chest tends to create a serene atmosphere that is just perfect for taking a nap especially if a color pallet has been incorporated using the rule of three that compromise of a dominant color, secondary color, and an accent color. If you are in the market for a dresser or a chest that has cool color pallets then a coastal dresser or chest would be a great choice for you, as they will provide you with a rejuvenating spa-inspired bedroom environment.


Chests of drawers look narrow, tall, and provide maximum storage while conserving floor space. With this chest being narrow and tall, it is also a great space saver. The chest has got multiple drawers for the storage of private documents or jewelry, however, one can arrange what they want inside the. If you're living in a tightly spaced room, the chest comes in handy because of its size. In a big-sized room, a chest becomes the center of attraction because it can be decorated using a flower vase. The top surface reflects lights. Depending on your preference of colors, chest age is available in different arrays of colors for you to pick from. With this product, one gets extra space to add other furniture compared to dressers which tend to occupy large space. The chest can be placed in an office or bedroom and still serve users perfectly.

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